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About Us

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About Us

Newline Investors is an independent real estate investment and venture capital company
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We are passionate about sourcing, identifying, nurturing and cross-pollinating leading technologies and business models across the board. We don’t just provide capital for our start-ups, we actively partner with CEOs to grow their businesses to the successive stages of success. Our aim is to support innovative companies on their path to success, and generate the highest financial and social retcompare and contrast essaysurns for our investors.

Our real estate investment division provides full service real estate investment and advisory solutions to investors and developers. We empower our clients to make well-considered and strategic investment decisions that will deliver high returns.

We provide a comprehensive suite of customized advisory services and investment advice exclusively tailored to help you find and negotiate the best properties in your preferred area and within your price range.

We are in the business of ensuring our client’s success. Our mission is to ensure YOU achieve your real estate goals – whether you would like to sell your home or are looking to buy a new one.

Our business thrives on the trust; we are passionate about building and sustaining long-term business relationships based on confidence and integrity with our clients and investors. Our considerable experience and expertise equips us with in-depth understanding of the complex workings of the real estate market and a consummate ability to close deals in a professional and ethical manner.

These qualities have helped us build a reputation for client satisfaction. Over the years, we’ve formed a network of key industry relationships that support the services we provide and help us ensure that our clients always enjoy a competitive advantage.

We are experienced and proficient enough to sense, serve and satisfy your needs and make all of your investments worthwhile! Quite simply, our goal is to be your real estate advisor of choice.


Newline Investers is made for business owners like you.